3 Ways To Rock An African Prints Bralette

There are countless ways to wear a non African Print bralette: over a T shirt for casual and edgy look, under the sheer top, under a side open tank, under a leather jacket and etc... but when it comes to wearing an African Prints Bralette, that's a whole different ball game. All of a sudden, the options reduce drastically and  highly depends on the body size. The bralette is essentially a crop top in a bra shape, made of Ankara, that can be versatile, depending on how much you are willing to experiment. Here we are bringing you 3 ways to rock the Ankara Bralette.

LOOK 1. Stylish outfit ideal for a night out with the girls, easily put together and easily archivable. Here it's worn with Converses but you can wear it with heels instead.


LOOK 2: Very chic and fun holiday outfit idea. You can accessorise the outfit with different shoes, with a bag or with another pair of sunshades!


LOOK 3: Simple, feminine and again easily put together. Simple variation of the previous look




Which outfit do you prefer?