5 Reasons Why You Need A Sleep Bonnet.

Although sleep bonnets may not win awards for sexy nighttime wear, they’ll assist in the quest to have sexy, sassy and healthy anytime hair.

Do you need a bonnet ?

You might need a bonnet or sleep caps, hair wraps, du rags (d0 rags) if you have the follow hair challenges or issues:

1.  You have long hair which easily tangles during the night causing long term breakage, splits and related bedtime wear and tear.
2.  Your naturally textured hair (curly, wavy, kinky, coily or a combination) looses it’s oomph during the night, tangles badly or looses it’s shape.
3.  Wearing your hair in a braid, pony, bun or hair-friendly scrunchies causes headaches or restless sleep cycles because your head can’t move freely.
4.  The hair on your head is a bit thinner in certain spots from sleeping with loose flowing tresses.  Hair can easily get caught under the shoulders, around the collarbone or in the bedclothes causing a gradual pulling or ripping of the strands.
5.  Although you have naturally curly, coily or textured hair, you may be uncomfortable pulling your hair up into the recommended ponytail pineapple for hair-friendly sleeping.
6.  You have difficulty sleeping on a silk or satin pillow case and prefer cotton bed clothes, but still wish to protect your tresses during sleep time.
7.  Your hair tends to become frizzy or puffy overnight.
8.  Sleeping with an elegant or super soft sleep cap gives your sweeter dreams and more restful sleep.

1) Sleep Bonnet Material Options

Sleep bonnets, beanies, caps and similar are primarily available in silk or satin.  The sleep bonnets may be 100% silk or satin or may simply be lined with those fabrics.  Many sleep bonnets are available in polyester or a satin polyester blend.  There are also bonnets made with silk material in satin weave

Other materials may be available such as a combination of silk and satin or even mesh for hot weather.  There are many design options as well.

2) Sleep Bonnets With Ties Or Elastic?

The sleep head wear is usually designed to be held in place with either ties which are secured under the neck or with elasticised bands.  There are pros and cons to both types of models.

Sleep bonnets encased in silk with matching lace ties provide tightness controls, don’t generally leave dents or facial marks and are overall more comfortable for most.

Elasticised sleep bonnets can’t be adjusted, are more likely to leave temporary facial marks and might cause rubbing with hairline wisps.

The advantage to elasticised bonnets is that they are much more secure on the head during the night.

Which type of head wrap to select is a matter of personal choice.

3) Sleep Bonnet Alternatives

If you’re not thrilled with the idea of a sleep bonnet, you can experiment with a variety of sleep beanies, long sleep sacks, pocket bonnets and caps.

Some people who sleep in bonnets or similar prefer silk to satin since they tend to be cooler and less slippery.

Sleep bonnets and related head wraps also are available with satin and/or silk edges and custom ventilation from various points.

I like the pocket bonnet and the satin edge bonnet. I wanna try the wrap caps.

4) How To Wear A Sleep Bonnet

You can wear your hair loosely pulled up and tucked in the bonnet or if you prefer extra protection try creating a side braid underneath or a cinnabun or similar hair twist.

Be sure to tuck hairline wisps, fringes and nape hair into the bonnet if possible to avoid friction or rubbing which may cause breakage.  If this isn’t possible, apply a tiny bit of jojoba oil to those at-risk strands to protect them.

5) Where To Purchase A Sleep Bonnet

Where to buy sleep bonnets?  Sleep bonnets are available on here 

Summary – Do You Need A Sleep Bonnet?

The benefits of wearing a sleep bonnet or similar head covering includes minimising tangling, frizz, damage and general sleep wear and tear.

Although sleep bonnets may not be the sexiest sleep wear, they do offer many advantages over sleeping on silk or satin sheets or pillowcases.

When properly selected, a sleep cap will remain firmly in place without leaving temporary face markings or causing overheating. Our bonnets are ideal to keep your hair shiny and good shape.