Best 10 Outfits From Our SS2019 Collection

Here at Afro Fusion Apparel we pride ourselves of enjoying combining African Apparel with everyday clothing, in the aim to bring you outfits that you can wear to work on dressed down Fridays, to go out with the girls or to get the groceries. 

Wearing African Prints is an amazing way to express ourselves and to show off the richness of the African culture, with the bright colours and bold motifs. Today we are bringing you our top 10 outfits with the SS 2019 collection, while we are getting ready to launch the SS 2020 collection. All these pieces are discounted and we have really few available.

 IFE wrap top with a white midi skirt

 ESE pants with a white vest and a peach blazer

 ISOKAN wrap top with a white blazer & straight jeans

 AREWA pants with a black top & white blazer

 AFUA bralette with white blazer & skinny jeans

 AREWA pants with a white vest and white blazer

 IDUNNU dress with skinny jeans & boots

 SURU top & green pants

 SURU top & denim skirt

 AFUA bralette & bike shorts


Which look did you love the most and why?