WFH x Afro Fusion

Hey You...
I know it has taken a few people a while to adjust to working from home and setting up a new routine. Time saved from getting ready for day and commuting means we can have some extra time in bed.. YAYYY!
However, I have come to realise I no longer make as much of an effort with how I dress at home.
I've been guilty of getting up at 8:55am, wiping the sleep from my eyes and turning my laptop straight on. This isn't healthy in the slightest! Just because I am working from home doesn't mean I need to stay in my PJs all day.
It is important to feel comfortable at home but it is also important to look presentable. Not just because you might have an unexpected zoom meeting and are asked to turn on your camera (woops), but also because it improves your mental health. I find that getting up out of your bed and getting dressed for the day helps you build a routine and gives structure to your day. You feel like you are going somewhere and have things that you need to get done.
Yes, it only takes me 20 seconds to get from my bedroom to my office (in the loft) but getting presentable and then my children and husband seeing & complimenting me gives me that extra boost for the day. 
Recently, I have been loving my DUDU split dress because it allows me to feel free and presentable during my working hours. The black and white print is professional yet stylish. I look and feel good and in some way, that motivates me to get much more work done during the day
#Afrofusiongirl, how do you like to dress whilst working from home?
Have a lovely weekend!