Wine & Gold Ankara Vibes: 3 Ways To Rock it

Wine & Gold Ankara Vibes: 3 Ways To Rock it

Last month we've launched the SS 2020 and we have included so many blazers. We are  starting out a weekly series where we will be showcasing each blazer, every week. Today we are starting with the JAYE blazer. What I love about this blazer is the combination of the two secondary colours: wine & gold. This combinations vibe nicely together and look so bomb on any complexion.

The outfit in this can be worn to dates, to concerts (when outside reopens) and it's so effortless. If you love matching like I do, then you should not have any issues in creating colourful looks while rocking Ankara. 

The lace top is perfect with the lapels of the JAYE blazer 

And if you do have a mummy pouch like I do, you just gotta suck in the belly and smile away to capture that perfect Kodak moment! I love my mummy pouch but sometimes I don't want to see it in my pictures :)

It also looks great with a pair of jeans and a black vest top. 

Or just with a white vest like it's on here

So what do you think? Do you prefer it with denim or with a skirt? Click here to grab yours