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About Us

 Our Brand: Afro Fusion Apparel was birthed to cater to the women that want to be able to wear African Prints Clothing casually, to work and to college. Nowadays it’s not difficult to find Beautiful Ankara Maxi Dresses or Statement Pieces, but these garments are not really practical and some of us wants to be able to wear an Ankara Pencil Skirt with a white blouse and a blazer to work. The aim is to empower women and to make us feel feminine while rocking African Prints, at all occasions. Weather it’s while we are out with our girls for a drink, or on a Monday morning while listening to a class. We enjoy merging African Prints Fabrics with westernised clothing to create elegant and classy pieces. A brand created by women, for ALL women.

Afro Fusion Apparel recognises practicality. It’s a natural instinct. In order to survive, to thrive, we must be able to be practicability, and Afro Fusion Apparel will help you doing just that!
Our Products: All our pieces have been created in our workshop here in the UK however our fabrics have been sourced in West Africa, specifically in Nigeria and Ghana. We create looks designed by in-house talent that’s made to equip women with the African Fashion needed during all elements of life! We drop new styles every week, working constantly  to bring our ladies the freshest pieces put together in wearable ready-to-go-outfits.  

Who Run The Worlds? Girls!: The mastermind behind this brand is Adelaide , a Snr Clinical Research Associate by the day but a Fashion Enthusiastic by the night. With her insatiable passion for African Fashion and her ambition to make African Print Clothing more accessible, Adelaide strives to serve her ladies the best way she can while creating an International community of Ankara lovers. 
[Sustainable Fashion] - By shopping at Afro Fusion Apparel, you are protecting the Earth: We all know that now more than ever, we should play a role in conserving the natural resources and landfill space. All our garments are created with recycled cotton - this is our way to reduce pollution from agriculture and most importantly to reduce wastage in landfill spaces in the countries where we source our fabrics, especially Lagos, in West Africa. The city, being the most populated city in Africa, is struggling to balance their extraordinary growth with sustainable waste management. Hence why it’s so important for us to use Recycled cotton for our garments.